From: Steve Fisher
To: Jan Galligan <>
Subject: Coming soon
Date: Wed, 9 Apr, 2003 09:14:09 +0100
Now there is nothing to do but wait for a year (longer still in the Czech Republic) to see the films in release.  Plans for "Hellboy II" are already in discussion, though of course poor deceased Agent Quarry won't be there...hey, unless it's a prequel! 

As for me, I'm quite glad to be done with the largest major feature film roles of my career, happy to be back with my family, free to enjoy this beautiful spring weather (out of cellars and tunnels), and looking forward to our visit to the U.S. 

  See you all very soon
  in, or out of, the movies...

Steve Fisher: Biographic Data

Steve Fisher
"Catch me if you can."

Soon to be in two major motion pictures coming to a screen near you - spring and summer, 2004:

"Hellboy" - Sony Pictures Entertainment
"Van Helsing" - Universal Pictures

    Stephen Fisher
    Luzická 30
    120 00 Prague 2
    Czech Republic

    Hellboy, (Agent Quarry), Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2003
    Van Helsing, (Dr. Jekyll), Universal Pictures, 2003
    The Origins of Evil, (Linz Lawyer), CBS-TV, 2002
    Shanghai Knights, (Headwaiter), Touchstone Pictures, 2002
    Black Sheep, (CIA Agent), Universal Pictures, 2001
    Hart's War, (Prisoner of War), MGM, 2001
    Dune, (Officer 1), Disney/ABC Television, 2000
    The Inverse Canon, (Desk Clerk), Pacific Productions, 1999
    Bonhoffer, (German Officer), German Television, 1999
    Goya: Awakened in a Dream, (Dr. Arietta), HBO, 1999
    Mandragora, (American Man), Hamilton Productions, 1997
    Sleeping Dogs, (Prison Officer), North American Pictures, 1997
    The Reef,  (Southern Gentleman), Hearst/Stillking Productions, 1996
    Crackerjack II,  (Railroad Manager), North American Pictures, 1996
    The Ring, (German Soldier), NBC-TV, 1995
    A Young Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, (Peasant), Canadian Broadcasting, 1994
    Young Ivanhoe, (Herald), Canadian Broadcasting, 1994

    Miami Vice ("Death and the Lady"), Josh Durell, NBC-TV, Miami, FL, 1988
    Miami Vice ("Rock and a Hard Place"), Master of Ceremonies, NBC-TV, Miami, FL, 1987
    click for larger image
    Stand-Up Comedy1980-1987
    Appearances at nightclubs through the United States, including:
    The Improvisation, Folk City, Comedy U, Catch a Rising Star (New York, NY)

    The Infante, Exposure Theatre, Prague, 1998
    A Midsummer Night's Dream, Nantucket Theatre Workshop, Nantucket, MA, 1978

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